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Gir Cow A2 Milk

A nutritious diet of fresh greens from the farm supplemented with a mix of traditional grains and seeds is on the menu every day for our beloved Gir cows. Moms-to-be and new moms are fed a diet carefully developed under the guidance of traditional dairy farmers and our veterinarian.  

Our cows are hand-milked daily under strict sanitary guidelines. Before milking, all the cows are served a buffet meal while calves are nourished with their mother’s milk. We follow the Vedic practice of always reserving two teats for calves and cows are only milked after the calves are fed.

The milk is collected, poured into our sterilized glass bottles, and chilled to 4 degrees Celsius. The bottled and sealed milk then goes into coolers and loaded on to the Milk & Meadows van to be delivered to your doorstep.


Milk & Meadows cows and milk are hormone, preservative, and chemical free. We deliver unadulterated raw milk that is not pasteurized, homogenized or toned. That fresh layer of malai that comes up after gently bringing your milk to a boil before drinking is a sign of farm fresh goodness!

Daily Milk delivery in Jaipur. 

Size: 1 liter glass bottle.

Bottles are to be returned for reusing and recycling. 

Gir Cow Bilona Ghee

Made from Cultured Butter

Our Gir Cow A2 ghee is made using the Vedic bilona method in small batches. We collect the butter after churning homemade yogurt and delicately heat it over a clay stove and slow flame fueled by cow dung.
All of our ghee is prepared in small batches and we never use malai or cream to make our Gir cow bilona ghee.

Bilona ghee made from hand-churned cultured butter is prized as a delivery system for nutrients from food to be delivered at the cellular level. It contains pre-biotics, aids in digestion and is known to support balanced cholesterol levels. 


With a high smoke point, ghee is ideal for cooking and frying. A spoonful in rice or daal adds a remarkable flavor. You will be able to tell the difference even before tasting as the aroma of ghee prepared from the milk of Gir cows that are loved and cared for fills the air.

Sizes: 500 ml and 1 litre recyclable & reusable glass jars. 


Available for delivery all over India.


Hand-Churned Cultured

White Butter

Our white butter is made by hand-churning yoghurt made from the A2 milk of our Gir cows. NO salt, additives, artificial colors or preservatives are added. Only nature’s most sumptuous and delicious treat that’s perfect on toast, paranthas, ideal for baking or adding a dollop onto steaming hot rice, freshly cooked saag or daal makhani. 

You can make your own flavored butters by whipping in spices and herbs for a delectable spread that will be the envy of the table. Our hand-churned white butter is sure to add a flair to any recipe!

Milk & Meadows butter is churned fresh on request and is available by pre-orders.

To arrange delivery to your doorstep please call

Size: 250g and 500g in handmade clay pot with lid.  

Keep refrigerated to maintain freshness.



Cultured Chaach

Homemade yogurt made from the A2 milk of our Gir cows is churned by hand to separate into butter and chaach or buttermilk.


According to Ayurveda the seat of good health lies in the gut! Chaach is naturally high in protein, probiotics and enzymes that promote a healthy gut. Have a glass a day to build a strong immune system, boost mental health and brain function, and a strong digestive system. 


Perfect as a post-workout rejuvenator or daily tonic, our buttermilk tastes delicious any time! One day old slightly soured chaach can be used to make a deliciously healthy, light dahi kadhi.

Chaach delivery is available in Jaipur. 

Sizes: 1 liter glass bottles.

Bottles will be collected the following day by your delivery person.


Consume within 1-2 days of delivery for best freshness.


Gir Cow


Our paneer is made in small batches from the fresh A2 milk of our Gir cows.

Paneer is naturally rich in protein and an important food source of calcium that supports healthy bones.

Ideal for growing children, women of all ages, the elderly and fitness enthusiasts!

Paneer delivery is available in Jaipur. 

Sizes: 200g

Consume within 1-2 days of delivery for best freshness.


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