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Gir Cow A2 Milk

Fresh from our farm to your doorstep.

1 Litre

₹ 105

We deliver farm fresh Gir cow A2 milk every morning.


Raw Gir cow milk is collected after milking, packed in bottles and chilled for delivery.

We never use industrial processes to increase shelf life, but instead believe that fresh is best.


You'll taste and feel the difference in every sip!


Delivered in sterlised glass bottles that are collected the following day. 

Available only in Jaipur, free delivery.

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Naturally Delicious!

Children love our milk because it's naturally sweet and has no foul odour.

You'll find yourself using less sugar in your chai, coffee, and milkshakes. And don't be surprised when your kids stop asking for sugar or chocolate syrups in their daily glasses of milk!

Our milk tastes great because we give our cows the best care.


What Makes Our Milk So Good?

  • We keep our cows happy and stress-free so they give naturally tasty and nutritious milk.

  • Pesticide-free diet of fresh greens, fruits, and grains gives naturally sweet milk.

  • Raw milk retains more nutrients & natural enzymes

  •  No commercial processing makes our milk easier to digest

Our Customers ♥️ Our Gir Cow Milk

“After using your milk and products we don’t want to buy any other milk from the market or any packet milk.

The quality and flavour are the best we’ve had! Thank you.”

- Kapil Singh Chauhan & Kaarvik
Milk & Meadows Customers

Get More from Your Milk.

We don’t use commercial dairy processes like pasteurisation, toning or homogenisation because it depletes the natural nutritional value of milk.


Delivering raw milk within hours of milking preserves the quality and purity, so you get the full benefits of all the vitamins, minerals and healthy enzymes naturally present in our Gir cow A2 milk.


You deserve the freshest, purest Gir cow A2 milk. 

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