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Why Choose Us

We choose goodness at our farm, so you can choose the best A2 milk for your family.


Our practices bring goodness from our farm to your home.

We keep our Gir cows happy and healthy to give you the best milk. 

Raw A2 milk is better for your health and wellness.

Recipe for Goodness

Our Recipe for Goodness

Our recipe for goodness has just a few simple ingredients:
  • Quality over quantity.
  • Less is more.
  • Cleanliness is Godliness.
  • Cheaper costs more.
We never compromise on goodness because you deserve the best.
Milk & Meadows is a single source Gir cow farm.

All our A2 milk and dairy products come only from the milk of the Gir cows raised on our farm.

We don't aggregate milk from other cows or dairy farmers nor do we ever use hormones to increase the quantity of milk produced by our own cows.

This is how we ensure consistent quality in our milk and dairy products.
Gir Cows
baby with milk bottle
The wellbeing of our customers, our cows and our workers is our number one priority.

Cutting corners might make things easier, our products cheaper, or our margins fatter but in the long run, it ends up costing more.

We choose the best at our farm so you can choose the best for your family. 
All our Gir cow dairy products are made slow in small batches.

We follow traditional practices to make everything from our bilona ghee, fresh churned makkhan, chaach and lassi, and our artisanal cheeses, butters and cold coffees.

Our minimal ingredients are always pure and natural and we never add any synthetic texturisers, flavours, or preservatives. 
Churning curd
Washing and Sterlisation of Bottles
We uphold the strictest standards for sanitisation and hygiene.

All our bottles are washed and sterilised before our Gir cow A2 milk is poured and the bottle sealed for freshness.

Recyclable glass bottles and jars are used to pack our milk and dairy products so we create less pollution in our environment.
How We Care

How We Care for Our Gir Cows

We follow the Vedic practice of dohan.

Calves always feed from their mothers first.

Only after the calf is nourished do we take milk from the mother cow.

This practice promotes bonding, increases nutritional content of milk, and keeps our cows and their babies happy and healthy.
Our cows are milked by hand, not cold machines.

Machine milking is touted as being more hygienic but is often a painful experience for cows that causes teat irritations which can develop into undetected infections.

Our carers wash and inspect cows every time they are milked. If a cow requires attention, she gets medical care to prevent infection and illness.

Hand milking is a humane practice that keeps our cows happy and our milk 100% healthy and hygienic.
Did you know that cows have best friends just like you?

They develop deep friendships and have preferences for whom they like to spend their time with.

All our cows roam free on our farm so they get plenty of quality leisure time with their friends.

This keeps our cows stress-free, happy and promotes good health.
Our cows are fed a balanced, nutritious and seasonal specific diet that is a smorgasbord of foods they love.

Their meals include fruits and vegetables, wholesome grains, fresh greens, herbs like neem, and their favorite treats like homemade laddoos and rotis.

This ensures that our cows are healthy and happy. 
Why Raw Milk

Why Raw A2 Milk Is Better for You

We deliver raw Gir cow milk fresh from our farm every day, just hours after milking.

This preserves all the health benefits and nutrition naturally present in raw milk.
Our milk does not go through any industrial process that interferes with its natural goodness.

Pasteurisation is used to heat milk quickly at high temperatures. This increases shelf life, but destroys many natural enzymes and proteins that are good for your gut.

Homogenisation is used to create a uniform texture, but alters the composition of fats and proteins in milk.  
Our raw Gir cow A2 milk is naturally delicious with a rich, smooth texture.

Simply bring your raw milk to a boil over a slow flame before drinking. This preserves the enzymes, proteins, and healthy fats present in milk.

Raw Gir cow milk gives you more nutrition and flavour in every glass.

You deserve the freshest, purest Gir cow A2 milk. 

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