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Try Our Milk

Try Our Gir Cow A2 Milk for a Week

7 Liters ₹630

*Trial available only in Jaipur

“After using your milk and products we don’t want to buy any other milk from the market or any packet milk.

The quality and flavour are the best we’ve had! Thank you.”

- Kapil Singh Chauhan & Kaarvik
Milk & Meadows Customers

Naturally Delicious and Nutritious A2 Milk

✔︎  Kids Love It
✔︎  Complete Nutrition
✔︎  Easy to Digest
✔︎  Naturally Sweet
✔︎  No Hormones
✔︎  No Antibiotics
✔︎  No Additives
✔︎  Unadulerated
✔︎  Unpasteurised
✔︎  Unhomogenised

What Makes Our Milk So Good?

  • We keep our cows happy and stress-free so they give naturally tasty and nutritious milk.

  • Pesticide-free diet of fresh greens, fruits, and grains gives naturally sweet milk.

  • Raw milk retains more nutrients & natural enzymes

  •  No commercial processing makes our milk easier to digest

Start A Trial Section

Request a 7 Day Trial

Fill the form below and our team will contact you to set up your trial. 

Have questions?   Call us or message us on WhatsApp.

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