Our Story

It started with me wanting to have a glass of cold milk at home on a warm Sunday morning...

I tried a few brands but that "aha" lip smacking moment never came.  We had been hearing stories about how bad the quality of milk is these days and that got me thinking.


I met Subedarji and loved his passion for cows and bought 4 GIR cows to ensure there was enough milk for my family. To go and spend time with these cows became therapeutic. I could never have imagined that cows would have such an effect.


We all see cows and wrinkle our noses but when you spend time feeding and patting them, its another thing. Sitting and watching them nuzzle their young ones does something to your heart. Now I realise why Lord Krishna was in love with the cows. There is a reason that cows were domesticated 11000 years ago and not monkeys. 

Rahul with Subedarji at the farm.

Whenever I go, I take bananas or laddoos along to feed my cows. I was surprised to note that not all cows like to eat bananas but those who loved them would follow me around the farm when I was trying to feed the other cows and would often nudge the cows which were hesitating to eat them. Ganga is the one who wants to eat the most and Kaveri is learning very fast from her. The ones that did not like them looked at me in the eye and moved away. It almost felt like they were saying - don’t waste my time with useless stuff, you bugger. 

Similar things happened with laddoos. Now the cows know that I will always have goodies for them whenever I go and they automatically start moving towards me when they see me at the farm. There are 5 of them who have an attitude - they keep looking at me from afar and expect me to go to them to feed them- Yamuna is their gang leader and is closely followed by Kajol. I had never imagined that these simple animals might also have an attitude and tastes. 

I was enjoying it so much that before I realised it, I had 11 cows within 15 days of starting and within 2 months we had 24 of them.

My family thought I was nuts because there was no business plan as such, I only followed what my heart told me to do. 


From no planning, suddenly we had a small dairy going, where apart from pure milk, we made buttermilk (chaach) and ghee.


My family indulged me, humorously declaring my new found passion as my retirement plan. No such thing! Milk and Meadows is up and running - we care for our cows as much as you care for quality.

- Rahul Kapur