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Our Story

We are a single source Gir cow farm that brings the goodness of honest milk and dairy products to Jaipur families every day.


The Pursuit of Goodness

In 2019, Rahul Kapur, a Jaipur based entrepreneur, began a focused and earnest search for tasty, healthy and pure milk.

After being exasperated by the milk that was available in the market, Rahul decided that it was time to get to the source.


Rahul got his first four Gir cows, Nandini, Narmada, Ganga and Sharda to bring fresh and wholesome milk to his family.


Right from the very first glass, Rahul knew he had found lip-smacking goodness!


Soon everyone in Rahul’s family became an avid milk drinker. Earlier, Rahul’s parents rarely drank milk because it upset their stomachs. And his wife and kids often turned their noses up at glass of milk because it smelled bad and didn’t taste good.


Now, the entire Kapur clan was drinking more milk than they ever had before!


As Rahul spent more time with his four beloved cows, he started to learn more about the delicious milk they produced.


He learned about the many health benefits of raw A2 milk, Gir cow bilona ghee, and the traditional ways in which Desi dairy products like white makkhan and chaach support a healthy body and mind.

Soon enough, Rahul got more cows so he could share the goodness of real, honest milk. As word got around, more and more people wanted Rahul’s pure and delicious Gir cow milk.


Today Milk & Meadows delivers goodness from our farm to hundreds of families in Jaipur.

Meet Our Goodness Ambassadors

Their passion and commitment is what brings goodness to our farm, our products and our customers.


Nandita Masand Devraj 

Nandita has been with Milk & Meadows right from the beginning.

Never a milk lover, she changed her mind after her friend Rahul made her try his famous Gir cow milk! Now she enjoys a glass of delicious Gir cow A2 milk every day.

She leads our team, curates our products and devotedly assists customers with an unwavering commitment to goodness.

Jamil Khan

Jamil Khan, fondly known as Subedar Ji, is an impressive Gir cow whisperer.


His intimate knowledge of how to lovingly care for cows guides the thoughtful practices at our farm.

Subedar Ji  knows all the cows by name and their unique personality quirks. Our cows stay happy and healthy under his watchful eye.

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