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Fresh buttermilk made from churned curd.

1 Litre

₹ 60

Our chaach is made by setting Gir cow A2 milk into curd. It is churned using the Vedic bilona method to separate out butter. The remaining liquid is smooth buttermilk that is rich in probiotics, low in fat and a healthy source of protein. 


Delivered in sterlised glass bottles that are collected the following day. 

Available in Jaipur only.

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Want a trimmer tummy, stronger immunity, and a happier mood?

Drink More Chaach.

A healthy gut is the key to a slimmer, stronger and happier you.

Our fresh churned chaach nourishes your gut with natural enzymes and probiotics. 

Studies show that a balanced and healthy gut is linked to how well your body can manage stress from a biochemical perspective.

Stress can make you put on weight, feel sluggish, experience lowered immunity, bloat your belly and upset your stomach. 

Adding chaach to your daily diet will trim your waistline, improve your digestion and elimination, support strong immunity, and boost your mood.

Our Chaach is Your Daily Tonic for Good Health 

✔︎ Rich in calcium

✔︎ Good source of protein

✔︎ Live probiotics and enzymes

✔︎ Natural healthy beverage

✔︎ Fat removed during churning

✔︎ Post-workout rejuvenator

✔︎ Reduces acidity

Get back to basics with more healthy essentials!
Delivered fresh from our farm to your home.
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