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Sweet Lassi

Made from Gir Cow curd and Desi khaand

1 Litre

₹ 115

Our sweet lassi starts with our Gir cow A2 milk that is set into curd. It is churned and sweetened with pure desi khaand. No white sugar! 

Delivered in sterilised glass bottles that are collected the following day.

Ingredients: Gir cow A2 milk curd, desi khaand

Delivery available in Jaipur only.

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You're Gonna Love Our 5 STAR Lassi!

✔︎  Thick and creamy
✔︎  No White Sugar
✔︎  Fresh and natural
✔︎  Unbeatable taste 
✔︎  Full of probiotics
✔︎  Healthy treat
✔︎  No Additives

We dare you not to finish it in one sitting.


“इस लस्सी जैसा कोई नहीं” 

- Rajeev Goyal, Jaipur
Milk & Meadows Customer

“Wasn't expecting Gir cow lassi to be so good.

Thought I'd drink over two days, finished the bottle in less than an hour! It was delicious!”

- Dr. Arjun Arora
Milk & Meadows Customer

You know you want it.

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