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South Indian Filter Coffee

Gir cow A2 milk blended with Bili Hu coffee

270 ml

₹ 200

Our South Indian Filter Coffee is brewed with an exclusive blend of Bili Hu's Robusta and washed Arabica beans and our Gir cow A2 milk.

Every sip will give you a a burst of filter coffee flavour without any additives or chicory filler.

Refreshing and ready to drink, our cold coffees contain no preservatives or synthetic flavours. Sweetened with natural sugar.


Keep refrigerated. Drink within 1-2 days. 


Available only in Jaipur.

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Filter Coffee Lovers' Delight!

✔︎  All Natural
✔︎  No Synthetic Flavours
✔︎  No Preservatives
✔︎  Exclusive Blend 
✔︎  Ready to Drink

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