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Italian Espresso

Gir Cow A2 Milk Blended with Bili Hu's Italian Espresso

270 ml

₹ 200

Our Italian Espresso Cold Coffee is made with our Gir cow A2 milk and Bili Hu's exclusive blend of Arabica and Robusta beans.

One sip will transport you to a quaint café on a cobblestone street in Italy! Notes of dark chocolate and bitter cacao with a sweet aftertaste lend to a full-bodied flavour.

Refreshing and ready to drink, our cold coffees contain no preservatives or synthetic flavours. Sweetened with natural sugar.

Keep refrigerated. Drink within 1-2 days.

Available only in Jaipur.

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The Perfect Pick for Espresso Lovers!

✔︎  All Natural
✔︎  No Synthetic Flavours
✔︎  No Preservatives
✔︎  Exclusive Blend 
✔︎  Ready to Drink

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