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Bilona Ghee

Made from Gir Cow A2 Milk

Made the Vedic way from cultured butter, not malai.

1 Litre

500 ml

₹ 3300

₹ 1700

It takes 25-30 litres of our pure Gir cow A2 milk to make 1 litre of our bilona ghee.


The milk is set into curd and churned to separate makkhan. This makkhan is then slow cooked, cooled and strained to remove caseins and milk solids. The remaining golden liquid is pure, Gir cow bilona ghee.

Bilona Ghee is casein-free and suitable for lactose intolerant children and adults.


Packed in glass jars.

Available for delivery all over India.

Free delivery in Jaipur.

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“The taste and smell of the ghee
took me back to my daadi's way of
making homemade ghee.”

- Srishty Singh, Jaipur
Milk & Meadows Customer

Our bilona Gir cow ghee tastes so good because it's made in small batches, the authentic and traditional Vedic way.

Keep it as a kitchen essential for making festive laddoos and mithais, add it to khitchari to speed recovery from illness, and smear some on hot rotis to maximize nutrient absorption from your meal. 


From an Ayurvedic perspective, Gir cow bilona ghee is a sattvic food that optimizes health. It builds strength in the body while eliminating toxins by nurturing a strong agni or digestive power.  

A teaspoon of our ghee is a daily tonic for children, pre and post-natal moms, health conscious adults, and seniors to keep fit and healthy.

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Reasons to Add Gir Cow Bilona Ghee to Your Daily Diet

✔︎  It's an Ancient Superfood
✔︎  Makes Your Face Glow
✔︎  High Smoke Point
✔︎  Belly Fat Buster
✔︎  Prevents Constipation
✔︎  Lubricates Joints
✔︎  Brain Booster
✔︎  Lactose Free
✔︎ Improves Nutrient Absorption

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“OMG this ghee is just fantastic. I just can't get enough of it.

Transforms every dish to a sublime experience.

Expensive but worth it. I'm hooked!” ”

- Marjorie Rodrigues
Milk & Meadows Customer

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