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Full Moon Ghee

Limited Edition

Handmade according to Vedic tradition on Purnima

250 ml

₹ 1200

Our Gir cow full moon ghee is made on our farm on full moon nights to harness the power and essence of the moon.

All our ghee is always made only from churned butter, never malai. The butter is heated over a slow fire under the open sky on full moon nights to allow the rays of the moon to fully penetrate and charge the ghee with its sacred energy.


Only limited quantities of our Full Moon Ghee are available. Pre-order now to reserve this special edition and experience the benefits of our Full Moon Ghee.  

Available for delivery all over India.

Free delivery in Jaipur.

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According to Ayurveda, bilona ghee made from the milk of Indian cows is a sattvic elixir that builds ojas, the subtle substance of vital energy. It’s said that a person with strong ojas glows like the full moon.


The Vedic practice of making ghee during Purnima infuses the ghee with the vital energy and abundant qualities of the moon.


As the moon moves through Shukla Paksh, the waxing phases of the moon, it grows in its power, and culminates with Purnima, when the moon is full with its expansive energies of abundance.

Bilona ghee made on Purnima beholds the full potency and sacred energy of the moon and nourishes the subtle energy of ojas.

Radiate with the serenity and glow of the Moon.

The practice of making bilona ghee under the Purnima moon dates to Vedic times. Full moon ghee is prized as a potent ojas-building and healing elixir.

It can be used as a medicinal ghee to promote balance in the body and soul, dispel illusion and darkness, and uplift the inherent divinity of your nature.


How To Use Full Moon Ghee

Use a teaspoon of Purnima Ghee in warm milk to increase ojas and balance energy. Add Brahmi to aid restful sleep, induce tranquility, and polish brain and memory function.

It is ideal to light diyas with Full Moon Ghee to cleanse the energy of your space and invite divine blessings into your home. Full moon ghee diyas foster abundance and prosperity.

Use it to prepare your homemade delicacies and sweets for pujas, so all may receive the blessings and power of the sacred Full Moon as prasad.

Depiction of Lord Chandra

Limited Edition
Full Moon Ghee

Handmade with love and devotion on our farm on Purnima nights.

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