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Desi Ghee Khao Beta!

10 reasons why you need to add Desi cow ghee to your diet today! (Part 1 of 2)

We’ve been hearing from time immemorial from our Nanis and Dadis to eat ghee because it’s so good. But what makes this golden elixir so great? Here are ten reasons why Desi cow ghee is an essential part of good health!

1. Ghee Is an Ancient Superfood!

Sage Bharadwaj, Ancient Indian physician

Today, ghee is touted as a superfood by wellness experts all around the world. But India’s ancient rishis had the inside scoop millenia ago! They prized it as a sattvic food that is pure, healing, nourishing and building.

Desi cow ghee is equally appropriate for children, adults and the elderly. It’s even highly recommended during and after pregnancy to heal and nourish the reproductive system. The ancients also recommended it for healthy sperm count!

Ghee’s got an ancient pedigree that can’t be beat!

2. Get That Glorious Ghee Glow!

Ever wonder how some people have a glow about them? Their face and skin seem to shine, eyes sparkle, and their hair has a beautiful sheen? It’s called Ojas!

Charak Samhita - Arthedashmahamooliya Adhyaya, Sutra Sthana, Chapter 30.
- Charak Samhita - Arthedashmahamooliya Adhyaya

According to Ayurveda, ojas is the subtle substance that is produced by your body. It’s the refined by-product of a strong digestive system that integrates nutritional and energetic value from food, while supporting an effective elimination system that expels toxins from the body.

Strong ojas gives a strong life force, vitality, vigor and strong immune system. Ayurveda treasures ghee as an essential ojas building food.

Bilona ghee is the refined by-product of the A2 milk of Desi cows and helps support a strong digestive system. Desi cows are also the only cows with Surya-Ketu nadi in their distinguishable hump. It absorbs and refines the energies of the sun and moon and their milk makes it available to us.

So, to get that glow, go for the ghee!

3. Ghee Says No to Free Radicals!

You buy the healthiest, organic, pesticide-free grains and vegetables to support a healthy lifestyle. But are you cooking them in the right oil?

Refined oils are processed with chemicals and other processes that degrade the quality of the oil and make them harder for the body to digest. Many oils such as virgin olive oil, virgin coconut oil and vegetable oil have a lower smoke point. Oils with a low smoke point start to burn and get oxidized faster and at lower temperatures making them inappropriate for high heat sautéing and frying. Oxidation leads to free radicals in the body which are linked to many cancers.

At a smoke point of 250 degrees C, desi cow ghee has one of the highest smoke points and allows you to cook and fry grains, veggies, and other foods without getting oxidized or degrading. Ghee is a must in every kitchen!

The body needs to work harder to eliminate the free radicals that have been introduced into the body through oil that has degraded by being heated past its smoke point. Avoid sabotaging your healthy ingredients by cooking with Desi cow ghee which is made naturally, without the use of chemical processes.

4. Bust That Belly Fat with Ghee!

Belly fat has been proven to be the most harmful place the body carries fat in both men and women. Belly fat is visceral fat and is linked to high levels of LDL cholesterol (bad) and low levels HDL cholesterol (good). Visceral belly fat also increases chances of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, disrupts hormone function and increases the risk of premature death.

Enter the goodness of ghee to help bust that belly fat! Though it may seem contrary to to add fat to your diet to lose weight, ghee is actually a healthy fat and an excellent source of Conjugated Linoleic Acids (CLAs) that have been proven to help in fat loss. Milk & Meadows bilona ghee is made from the churned butter of grass-fed Gir cows.

Studies show that grass fed cows yield milk and dairy products that are rich in CLAs and have higher nutrient content than cows raised on a factory-based grain diet.

So, bust that belly fat by adding a teaspoon of ghee to your post workout healthy and balanced meal!

5. Have a Good Morning with the Goodness of Ghee!

Constipation makes you feel bloated, sluggish and cranky. It’s a sign of a less than optimal digestive system, caused by a diet lacking in fiber, healthy fats and inadequate water consumption.

Ghee is a rich source of butyric acid that aids in relieving constipation, and lubricates and protects the intestines. The body naturally produces butyric acid as part of a healthy digestive process and a diet rich in fiber and adequate healthy fats. Constipation leads to dryness internally and is considered a vata disorder in Ayurveda.

To get things moving on schedule and with ease, Ayurveda recommends adding a teaspoon of bilona ghee to a warm cup of Gir cow A2 milk a couple hours before bed for a gentle way to ease constipation. For an especially bad bout of constipation, you can try stirring a teaspoon of ghee into warm water and drinking on an empty stomach in the morning. This is sure to get things moving!

Add some ghee to your nightly ritual and find a spring in your step every morning!

Want more reasons why you need to be eating ghee?

Click here to read Part 2 of this post and find out more of why you need to add ghee to your diet today!


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