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Desi Ghee Khao Beta! (Part 2)

10 reasons why you need to add Desi cow ghee to your diet today!

In our last post, we learned that:

  1. Ancient India has known ghee as a superfood for millennia!

  2. To increase ojas and get that glow, adding ghee to your diet is essential!

  3. Cooking with ghee prevents the formation of cancer-causing free radicals.

  4. Contrary to popular belief, Ghee helps to shed excess weight and harmful belly fat.

  5. Feel fresh and sharp every morning by cutting out constipation with a daily spoonful of ghee!

Now, without any ado, let’s continue with Part 2 of why you need to add Desi ghee to your daily diet!

6. Lubricate Those Joints with Ghee!

Don’t be the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz and feel as if your joints are rusted up and creaky!

According to Ayurveda, arthritis is related to a vata imbalance in the body that causes excessive dryness, inflammation and not enough lubrication in the body tissues including at the joints. Vata is dry, cold and consistently moving. An increase of vata in the body can be caused by not enough healthy fats in the diet, eating too much cold or stale food, cold, dry weather, and even old age which naturally aggravates vata in the body and can lead to chronic aches and pains.

To remedy this, be sure to eat fresh hot meals and add ghee to your daily diet to keep your body lubricated and flexible. Ayurveda also recommends self-massage with ghee directly at the joints where you may be experiencing pain.

So beat the creaks, and smear some ghee on your roti and your knees!

7. Eat Ghee to Boost Your Brain Cells!

Ghee is a super source of essential fatty acids which the brain needs for optimal functioning. Ayurveda tells us that ghee helps improve memory, fortifies the nervous system and supports a healthy digestive system.

The brain-gut relationship has been spoken about at length in wellness communities linking depression with poor gut health.

For an extra boost for your brain and your mood, you can add Brahmi to a glass of warm milk with ghee. Brahmi has been shown to boost memory function, enhance learning ability and balance and soothe mood.

What are you waiting for? Stay at the top of your game with a boost from ghee!

8. Ghee is Better for Your Belly!

The process of gently heating churned butter over a low flame removes moisture and solids from the butter and transforms it into the golden elixir we know as ghee. This process eliminates all caseins from the ghee making is a natural casein and lactose free food.

Ghee is perfect lactose free alternative to butter. You can smear it on toast, make a decadently delicious lactose-free garlic bread, a rich addition to soups, and tastes great drizzled over popcorn!

So, don’t despair... ghee is here to un-bloat your belly!

9. Ghee Delivers Nutrients to the Deepest Layers!

You may be eating the most healthy diet full of fresh, pesticide-free fruits and veggies and organically grown grains but are the nutrients from your food reaching the deepest layers in your body?

Ayurveda calls ghee an anupan - which can be translated as a vehicle. And not for nothing because ghee is the ultimate delivery system to incorporate the vitamins, minerals and energetic value of your food deep into your cells and tissues.

Desi ghee delivers nutrients from your food to all seven dhatus or tissue layers of the body so that all the organs are fully nourished. Bilona ghee, which is made from fresh churned butter of desi cow milk is the only ghee that melts at human body temperature making it easier for the body to integrate and process.

Ready for the ultimate delivery system of good health and nutrition? Use ghee to cook at least one dish at every meal!

And now, last but not least.....

10. Desi Ghee Makes Everything Yummier!

That drizzle of ghee on a fresh, garam garam roti, or a dollop in hot steaming rice... it just makes your meal taste divine and satiates the body and the spirit!

Ghee also tastes great smeared on a hot toast, makes your family recipe for halwa extra special, and even the fussiest eaters will savor the flavor of ghee drizzled over steamed or sautéed veggies!

Milk & Meadows Bilona Ghee Gir Cow A2 Ghee is made in small batches right on our farm. We start with pure Gir cow A2 milk and set it into yogurt which is then churned into butter. The butter is gently heated over a gentle flame to transform the butter into the golden elixir of bilona ghee.

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