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Limited Edition 


Handmade at our farm on Purnima according to the ancient Vedic practice that distills the very essence of the moon.





Gift Box Contains:

250ml Full Moon Ghee in a Glass Jar and Handmade Diya.  

Limited Quantities Only

This Full Moon Ghee was made on October 1st 2020. 


It has been made according to time-honored traditions to energize and infuse with the power and blessings of the full moon. Bring home the gift of luminous abundance and vitality.

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Kamadhenu,  the Celestial Wish Granting Cow

This edition of our Full Moon Ghee was made on October 1, 2020 when the moon was seated in the lunar mansion of Uttara Bhadra Nakshatra. This full moon is associated with Kamadhenu, the Celestial Wish Granting Cow.


In Vedic mythology, Kamadhenu symbolizes auspicious abundance and prosperity. 


With the blessings of Kamadhenu and the luminous Purnima Moon, we offer you our Limited Edition Full Moon Ghee to bless your hearts and your homes.

Watch the Making of Full Moon Ghee at Our Farm

"The face that has the glow of the moon is brimming with the abundant vitality of ojas."

According to Ayurveda, bilona ghee made from the milk of Indian cows is a sattvic elixir that builds ojas, the subtle substance of vital energy. It’s said that a person with strong ojas glows like the full moon.


The Vedic practice of making ghee during Shukla Paksh, the waxing phases of the moon, infuses the ghee with the vital energy and abundant qualities of the moon.


With each day, the waxing moon grows in it’s power, culminating with Purnima, when the moon is full with its expansive energies of abundance.


October 1st Purnima, at the Milk & Meadows Farm, Jaipur

Rahul Kapur explains the cosmic power of full moon ghee.

"Our very first edition of Full Moon Ghee is an offering of devotion for our community."

Rahul Kapur - Founder, Milk & Meadows

The luminous energy of moonbeams nourish plants and green grasses that are fed to our Gir cows. These grasses are in turn nourish our cows and infuse their milk with the soothing, healing qualities of the moon.

Ghee prepared according to the Vedic method on the Full Moon is believed to be instilled with the maximum healing and nourishing qualities.

Limited Edition

Full Moon Ghee

Handmade with love and devotion on our farm on October 1st Purnima.

Gift Box Contains:
250 ml Full Moon Ghee in glass jar and  handmade festive diya .


October 1st Full Moon Ghee

Limited Quantities Available

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