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Meet the Multi-tasking Maven of Milk & Meadows

Have you ever called our helpline number or sent us a WhatsApp message? Or met our team at The Farmers Market or The Sunday Market at Quyu’s Taproom?

Nandita Masand Devraj!

If you have, then you certainly know Ms. Nandita Masand Devraj!

Nandita has been with Milk & Meadows since the very beginning when Mr. Kapur got his first four cows and she’s been a pivotal force to help Milk & Meadows grow to be an essential part of discerning Jaipur families’ kitchens!

Keeping things moving smoothly, managing customer requests and queries, and making sure each and every family receives their farm fresh Gir cow milk and dairy product deliveries on time every day is no small task!

Want a peek into how Nandita does it? Get an insider’s view of how Nandita manages to stay on top of things in this feature article on YourStory!

We’re beaming with pride at Nandita’s multi-skilled prowess and the recognition she’s received! Read the full story HERE.


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