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Milk & Meadows in 10 Best Organic Products Start-Ups of India

We are beaming with pride at being named as one of the top ten best organic product start-ups in India by Silicon India Magazine!

In a period of about 18 months, we've grown from a small outfit with just four cows and a key team of 7 people to a farm with over 100 Gir cows and 50 calves, supported by over 30 locally employed men and women.

It's latest issue features Milk & Meadows founder, Rahul Kapur, who explains:

"This project was started with the objective to provide access to unadulterated, pure and healthy milk and dairy products - to spread goodness from our farm to our community. Keeping that in mind, we needed to be conscious of not being overpriced. We try our best to work within tight budgets to control extra costs but do not compromise on the quality of care and nourishment required for the cows."

In addition to raising happy and healthy Gir cows to provide the best Gir cow milk and dairy products for our community, Milk & Meadows is committed to sustainability and being environmentally friendly.

Milk & Meadows products are offered in recyclable glass packaging and earthen pots to ensure the preservation of purity, quality and flavor as well as keeping the environment clean. Plastics are known to leech toxins into food products that have been linked to hormonal disruption, decreased fertility rates and cancer.

Milk & Meadows follows environmentally friendly practices to keep our surroundings and our bodies clean!

Learn more about how we're growing and read the entire article HERE.


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