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Ricotta Cheese

Made fresh with our Gir Cow A2 Milk

190 gms

₹ 290

Our Gir cow ricotta cheese has a soft and light texture and pairs perfectly with sweet and savoury flavours.


Made in small batches in collaboration with Jaipur's own Firangi Deli, our ricotta will make your recipes extra special.


Delivered in a glass jar. Use within 2-3 days for best freshness. 

Available in only Jaipur.

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Gir Cow Ricotta is Just Right for Sweet & Savoury!

✔︎  Pairs well with fruits like figs and berries
✔︎  Add it for protein to saucy pastas 
✔︎ Toast it on bread with olive oil and herbs
✔︎  Make gluten-free ricotta pancakes
✔︎  Bake a rich Italian style cheesecake
✔︎  Perfect in salads
Try all our artisanal cheeses!
Made in small batches with our Gir Cow A2 milk. 
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