Hand-Churned Cultured Chaach

Free Delivery in Jaipur.

Perfect as a post-workout rejuvenator or daily tonic, our buttermilk tastes delicious any time! One day old slightly soured chaach can be used to make a deliciously healthy, light dahi kadhi.

Delivered in eco-friendly sterilized glass bottles; bottles will be collected the following day by your delivery person.

Consume within 1-2 days of delivery for best freshness.

Homemade yogurt made from the A2 milk of our Gir cows is churned by hand to separate into butter and chaach or buttermilk.

Churning curd

According to Ayurveda the seat of good health lies in the gut! Chaach is naturally high in protein, probiotics and enzymes that promote a healthy gut. Have a glass a day to build a strong immune system, boost mental health and brain function, and a strong digestive system.