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Celebrating the Wisdom of India's Traditions

Today, as we commemorate Indian independence, let's honor our culture, history and traditions.

At Milk & Meadows, we follow traditional Indian practices of caring for our cows and making the finest Gir cow milk and dairy products. Our raw Gir cow A2 milk is delivered fresh daily to families across Jaipur who value the best milk and the best care for the cows it comes from.

Our Indian wisdom has taught us how to care for our gentle and loving cows.

The calf always feeds first, then only do we take the milk for our consumption. This follows the Indian tradition of reserving two teats for nourishing calves. Our cows are milked hygienically and compassionately by hand, so the cow is always at ease and comfortable.

Gir cow with calf
Gir cow with her calf at our farm

Cows are fed seasonal grasses that are grown on our farm and supplemented with fodder that is free of chemicals and pesticides. Expecting and new mothers are fed an enhanced diet to meet their nutritional needs.

Our cows are NEVER given any hormones and antibiotics are used only as a last resort after traditional Indian cow-care methods have been exhausted. If a cow has been administered an antibiotic, her milk is not used till 4 days after the last dose so that her milk is completely free of any residual antibiotics.

At Milk & Meadows, we are like a big Indian family! 

Everyone from the people who care for our cows, our delivery men, our administrative and marketing staff, and our loyal customers are a part of our family! 

Our Indian wisdom has taught us when your karma is good, everything else follows.

Milk & Meadows goodness is possible from the love and support we receive from our customers:

"I order Milk & Meadows Gir cow milk, chaach, butter, paneer and ghee regularly. 
It is very good quality and I also offer Milk & Meadows makkhan as bhog 
to my Nathkath Makkhan Chor Krishna Ji."

- Namit Mittal, Milk & Meadows Customer

"After a perennial search for the ideal high-quality milk I am so glad we found Milk & Meadows. The quality and taste of milk was just what we have been looking for and the hygiene standards are immaculate."

- Shveta Mehra, Milk & Meadows Customer

Subedar Ji at the Milk & Meadows Farm

To give proper loving care to our cows, we know how important it is to care for our farm workers too. The Milk & Meadows Farm is taken care of by Subedar Ji, who has been with us from the very beginning. He gives direction on the care of cows and ensures the Milk & Meadows team at the farm are looked after.

All of our products are made following the wisdom of time-honored Indian traditions which are full of the health benefits of eating foods prepared in the right way.

Our Indian wisdom has taught us not to waste and how to use things in the right way.

Our fresh Gir cow chaach is churned fresh daily. After a day or two, if you haven’t consumed your chaach, it will turn sour and then becomes perfect for the classic Indian comfort food, khati kadhi with steaming hot rice. A dollop of ghee makes it even yummier! 

We use traditional bilona method to make our chaach, butter and ghee.

Our Indian wisdom has taught us that nutritious and delicious go together. Our white makkan is also hand churned, the way our Nani’s and Dadi’s used to make. Pure, wholesome, with no added salt, no preservatives, and no artificial colors.  White makkhan or cultured butter is full of probiotics that support a healthy digestive system. 

Bilona ghee made at our farm from churning yogurt

Our Indian wisdom has taught us the right ways to prepare foods.

Our Gir Cow Bilona Ghee is made according to the ancient Vedic method.

Bilona ghee is made from churning yogurt to separate the butter and then gently heating the butter to make ghee.

Though a more laborious and time-taking process, the bilona method's benefits are manifold and it is superior to ghee made from milk cream or malai.

Ayurveda prizes bilona ghee for its healing and medicinal qualities.

Our Indian wisdom has taught us that food is also medicine if prepared correctly. 

Milk & Meadows Paneer
Milk & Meadows Gir Cow Paneer

We make farm fresh Gir cow milk paneer in small batches, that is made-to-order.

Paneer is easy to digest and a favored source of protein and calcium. It is ideal for growing children, the elderly and helps those recovering from illness regain their strength without burdening the digestive system.

Our nation's wisdom has taught us how to live in balance and harmony. Let’s come together and celebrate Make in India for a happy and healthy India!

Happy Independence Day!


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