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  • What is A2 milk?
    Cow’s milk is made up of about 88% water and 12% solids. These solids include about 5% lactose, close to 4% fat, 3% protein and less than 1% minerals. About 80% of the proteins in milk are caseins which are important suppliers of amino acids, carbohydrates, and the essential elements of calcium and phosphorous. All of these are required by the body for healthy nutrition. These caseins are further divided into two different types - A1 and A2 beta caseins. A2 beta-caseins are produced only by Zebu or Bos Indicus cows that are recognized by their signature hump. Indigenous Indian cow breeds like Milk & Meadows Gir cows exclusively produce milk containing A2 beta-caseins. Learn More
  • What is a single source dairy and why does it matter?
    A single source dairy is one that sources all its milk and dairy products from one farm. Milk & Meadows is a family-owned, free-range Indian Gir cow dairy and farm. We provide raw milk, hand-churned white butter, chaach and Vedic ghee made only from the milk of our Gir cows that are raised with love and compassion on our farm in Amer, near Jaipur. All of our cows roam free and are fed a diet of fresh greens that are grown on the farm without the use of harmful chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Their diet is supplemented with seeds and grains that are used in traditional Indian cow-rearing practices. Commercial dairies aggregate their milk from various farmers and dairies that may or may not adhere to wholesome and compassionate practices of cow-rearing. Their milk may be tainted with hormones or antibiotics and may be diluted and mixed with the milk of other animals like buffaloes and goats. By getting your milk from a single source dairy, you are ensuring that only the highest quality, unadulterated, pure Gir Cow milk is being given to your children and family from a source you know and trust.
  • What is toned milk?
    Toned milk combines whole milk, water, skim milk and powdered skim milk to lower fat content and lower the price of milk. This process mixes both cow and buffalo milk aggregated from various farms and dairies and does not contain any fat soluble vitamins like raw whole milk does. Milk & Meadows does not alter or adulterate milk in any way, shape or form and we only deliver pure Gir cow milk from our farm in Jaipur exactly how Mother Nature intended.
  • What’s the difference between Desi cows and other cows?
    Historically, for thousands of years cows produced only A2 milk. At some point in time, a mutation occurred and some cows began producing A1 milk rather than A2. Today, A2 milk is produced only by Zebu or Bos Indicus cows. Indigenous Indian cows are Bos Indicus cows that are identified by their characteristic hump and long flap called a dewlap below the neck. Desi cow breeds known for their high quality pure A2 milk include Gir, Tharparkar, Sahiwal, Red Sindhi and Rathi. These cows are also naturally well suited to the hot Indian climate. It’s believed that the hump of Indian cow breeds contains Surya-Ketu nadi that absorbs the energies of the Sun and Moon. These potent and healing energies are made available in the milk of Desi cows. This is why during pujas or havans, only shuddh desi cow ghee is used in offerings. Holstein and Jersey cows were imported into India from Europe and since then have been crossbred. Though their milk production yield is much higher than indigenous Indian cows, they produce only A1 milk that has been linked to digestive issues, Type-1 diabetes, and do not have the revered Surya-Ketu nadi like desi cows.
  • Are your products organic?
    While Milk & Meadows products are not certified organic, our products contain NO preservatives, flavor enhancers, chemicals, growth hormones or antibiotics. All of our cows are fed fresh greens that are grown on our farm without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. We source our supplemental feed from farms that grow their grains and seeds following the same values that we hold dear - free from chemicals fertilizers and pesticides.
  • Where do you deliver?
    Milk & Meadows offers daily delivery of Gir cow A2 milk and chaach 365 days a year almost all over Jaipur. Our hand-churned white butter is also available in Jaipur by pre-order. Our Gir Cow Vedic ghee is available for delivery in Jaipur and all over India by courier. To place your order, start a subscription or to learn more, please call us at +91 98280 13403
  • How can I taste or try your products?
    From time to time, we put up stalls at local events. For upcoming events, please follow us on Instagram and Facebook. We also curate private tastings and share information about the benefits of single source A2 milk at apartment buildings, complexes and private events. To schedule an event at your building or residence please contact us at +91 98280 13403. You can also sign up for a 1 week trial subscription of Milk & Meadows Gir cow A2 milk. To start your trial, please call +91 98280 13403.
  • Where is your farm located?
    Our farm is located in Amer near Jaipur where we raise our Gir cows, grow bajra, lemons, amla and other fruits and vegetables. All of our cows roam free and are fed a diet of fresh greens from the farm supplemented with traditional feed consisting of seeds, grains and jaggery. Sometimes, when Mr. Kapur visits the farm, the cows get fresh home-made rotis, bananas and laddoos on special occasions too! Special diets are also prepared for added nutritional value for cows that are expecting, new moms, our resident bull and any cows that may be unwell.
  • Can I visit the Milk & Meadows farm?
    We offer events at the farm for our subscribers several times a year. To learn about the next event follow us on Instagram and Facebook. To see if a private visit can be scheduled for you, please contact us at +91 98280 13403. (The cows have made a special request to bring them bananas and rotis when you visit!)
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