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When you buy Milk & Meadows Pure Gir Cow A2 milk, butter, chaach, paneer, bilona ghee, this is what your purchase actually supports:

Gir Cows at Milk & Meadows Farm

Care for the Cows

Plenty of sunshine and fresh air - our Gir cows are not tied up and roam free. Free time for cows to hang out with their besties. Cows choose their friends, can recognize faces and have active social lives.

Calves at Milk & Meadows Farm

Care for Calves

Feeding calves first and always reserving 2 teats for our calves. This is an ancient Indian tradition that we believe in and continue practicing at our farm. Compassion, love and respect for our cows comes first.

Milk & Meadows Farm Jaipur


Our cows are always fed a balanced diet of farm grown, pesticide and chemical free seasonal green grasses. Grass fed cows' milk is more nutritious and rich in CLAs, balanced omega 3:6 ratio, and easier to digest than cows fed with primarily a grain diet.

Rahul feeding Bananas to Cows

Everybody Loves Treats!

Occasional treats like laddoos, bananas, watermelons and other yummy stuff the cows love.... everyone has their preferences... some love the bananas and others want their rotis!

Gir Cow at Milk & Meadows Farm Jaipur

NO artificial growth hormones

NO artificial growth hormones to improve yield. NO antibiotics unless as a last resort (no milk is used for 4 days after the last dose). Our Gir cow milk is ALWAYS hormone and antibiotic free!

Healthy Community 

Our customers support us because they want milk that is pure, local and free of harmful chemicals. They value a farm that has compassion built in its values. They trust us to bring only the best for their family and loved ones.

Farm visits are currently closed due to Covid19

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